Dictionary meaning of Voice is, the sound produced by a vocal organ of a vertebrae, especially a human. Among verbal and non-verbal communications, voice is said to be the most effective means.

The system of voicing has three important subsystems:

A. Lungs
B. Diaphragm
C. Chest Muscles
D. Abdominal Muscles

A. Cartilages
B. Muscles
C. Vocal Cords
D. Nerves

A. Vocal Track
B. Pharynx
C. Mouth
D. Nasal Passage
E. Articulators

How does the Voice is formed:

The human voice consists of a sound made by human being using the vocal folds for talking, laughing, crying, screaming etc.
The lungs ( the pump) must produce adequate airflow and air pressure to vibrate vocal folds.

The vocal cords are a vibrating valve that chops up the airflow from the lungs into audible pulses that form the laryngeal sound source. The muscles of the larynx adjust the length and tension of the vocal folds to fine tune pitch and tone.

The articulators( tongue, lips etc) articulate and filter the sound emanating from the larynx and the resonating chambers( nasal cavity, oral cavity etc) provide it with the necessary resonance.When the balance in the three subsystems is lost due to pathologies or inefficient use of the system, what results is a ‘Voice Disorder’.Voice Therapy is meant for balancing the system of voicing and increasing its endurance thereby ,enhancing voice quality, making voice more pleasant and making it more effective.