In the fast changing world of todays, understanding and making the voices better has become a need of the hour. Since last 12 years Voice clinic, Thane has been conducting various voice care awareness lectures, seminars and workshops for professional voice users.Over the years after treating some eminent personalities from the entertainment industry for voice complaints, we have finally come to the conclusion that it was their sheer ignorance about the basics regarding voice mechanism and its care, that had ultimately landed them into voice issues. To have a voice therapist as a faculty in every music , acting and voice institute is therefor a well established concept internationally and we are glad to say that the recent trends in India are moving in a similar way, the credit of which goes to such awareness programs.The awareness about voice problems among professional voice users is slowly and steadily increasing.
Voice clinic ,Thane also provides voice modulation and voice culture workshops especially designed for Anchors ,Actors, Voice over artists on institutional basis.

In the ever- changing corporate World, the difference in successful organizations is in their Leadership or the Management. Eventually, to lead an organization, we also need the right set of Leadership skills-some of which are inherent and some which need development or are developed over the years – or Nurtured.

Since Ms Sonali Lohar belongs to the community of Audiologists, it is our learning ,during our long dealings with persons /patients –from Public life ( politicians ,field of Art ),Corporate Managers , others , that the Auditory skills form an extremely important part of the Leadership skill. The right use of words complemented by good voice quality can be one of the most important parameter for a Good Leader / Manager. Going into history, we have evaluated, that someone who has these auditory skill sets, invariably develops good oratory sense and also become more confident in a leadership role.

Being an Audiologist & Speech Therapist , practicing over last 25 years , Ms Lohar has studied various cadre of personnel, solely for Voice related Disorders and interestingly , seen a sea change in persons ,who accept this as an area of improvement for themselves and worked on it –leading to improvement in their voice quality , delivery and overall confidence built up- as Leaders / Managers .These personnel do not shy away in socializing , or communicating with others . It is therefore, recommended that organizations should look into this nascent area of development and uses this as one of the Welfare / HR techniques in their organization –to build up on their Managerial pipeline.

Often people are unaware that, the way they go to the Gym and increase their muscle strength – in a similar way they can do “VOCAL GYM” and can improve their vocal muscle flexibility and can enhance their voice quality. Over the period Ms Lohar has developed a state of the art voice program, 1st half of which comprises of a Power point presentation on Voice and vocal Hygiene program and 2nd along with Enhancement & maintenance of voice .Digital Voice Analysis of the client , Endoscopic examination of Larynx, counselling and treatment planning according to the reports are part of the 2nd half of VOCAL GYM programme . It’s extremely important that some initiatives are undertaken by organizations , which can create awareness on this niche area of development – this is extremely important in the training calendar and emphasis needs be give on the voce training syllabus , which can make difference –Both for the Individual and also to the organisation.